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Canadian Army CA (Canadian Army)
Motto: We Stand on Guard for Thee

The First Canadian Army was a field army and the senior formation of the Canadian Army that served on the Western Front from July 1944 until May 1945 during the Second World War. The First Canadian Army was formed in early 1942, replacing the existing unnumbered Canadian Corps, as the growing number of Canadian forces in the United Kingdom necessitated an expansion to two corps. By the end of 1943 Canadian formations in the United Kingdom consisted of three infantry divisions, two armoured divisions, and two independent armoured brigades. The first commander was Lieutenant-General A.G.L. "Andy" McNaughton, who was replaced in 1944 by General H. D. G. "Harry" Crerar. Both had been senior artillery officers in the Canadian Corps in the Great War. Allied formations of other nationalities were added to the First Canadian Army to keep it at full strength
R.C.I.C (Royal Canadian Infantry Corps) R.C.I.C (Royal Canadian Infantry Corps)
Motto: We Lead

The badge of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps consists of Argent three maple leaves conjoined on one stem within an annulus Gules fimbriated and inscribed INFANTRY • INFANTERIE in letters Or, the whole ensigned by the Royal Crown proper set above a scroll Or inscribed with the Motto in letters Sable and surmounted by two rifles in saltire Or. The three maple leaves conjoined on one stem, taken from the Royal Arms of Canada, represent service to Canada, and the Crown, service to the Sovereign. The crossed rifles denote infantry and have been used in badges of infantry units as well as of the officer cadet programme. Red and white are the national colours of Canada. "INFANTRY" and "INFANTERIE" are a form of the bilingual branch title and "DUCIMUS“ is the motto of the corps.
Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C. Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C.

The unit embarked for Great Britain on 22 December 1939, and on 13 June 1940 it went to France as part of the Second British Expeditionary Force, reaching a point beyond Laval before being ordered back to the United Kingdom. It landed in Sicily on 10 July 1943, and in Italy on 3 September 1943, as part of the 1st Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Infantry Division. On 10 March 1945, the battalion moved with the 1st Canadian Corps to northwest Europe, where it fought until the end of the war. The overseas battalion was disbanded on 15 October 1945. On 1 June 1945, a second Battalion of the regiment was mobilized for service in the Pacific theatre of operations as the 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion (The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment), CASF. The 2nd Battalion was disbanded on 1 November 1945.

Battle Honours
LANDING IN SICILY 9–12 July 1943 * Grammichele 15 July 1943 * Valguarnera 17–19 July 1943 * Assoro 20–22 July 1943 * Agira 24–28 July 1943 * ADRANO 29 July-7 August 1943 * Regalbuto 29 July-3 August 1943 * SICILY, 1943 * Landing at Reggio 3 September 1943 * Motta Montecorvino 1–3 October 1943 * Campobasso 11–14 October 1943 * Torella 24–27 October 1943 * The Moro 5–7 December 1943 * San Leonardo 8–9 December 1943 * The Gully 10–19 December 1943 * Ortona 20–28 December 1943 * CASSINO II 11–18 May 1944 * Gustav Line 11–18 May 1944 * LIRI VALLEY 18–30 May 1944 * Hitler Line 18–24 May 1944 * GOTHIC LINE 25 August-22 September 1944 * LAMONE CROSSING 2–13 September 1944 * Misano Ridge * Bulgaria Village 13–14 September 1944 * RIMINI LINE 14–21 September 1944 * San Fortunato 18–20 September 1944 * Naviglio Canal 12–15 December 1944 * Fosso Vecchio 16–18 December 1944 * ITALY, 1943-1945 * Apeldoorn 11–17 April 1945 * NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1945
Pte Cochrane Harry
Rank: Private
Service Number: C/4786
Discharged: Deceased

Served In: World War 2
Service: CA (Canadian Army)
Battle Group: R.C.I.C (Royal Canadian Infantry Corps)
Regiment: Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C.
Service Details :

Service Notes:
Pre/Post War:

Deceased: March 20, 1944 at
Cemetery MORO RIVER Canadian War Cemetery Ortona, Italy
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