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The RCN expanded greatly during the Second World War. From its modest beginnings of six ocean-going ships and 3,500 officers and men (both regular and reserve) at the outbreak of the war, it grew into a large and capable fighting force. This was important as the navy was immediately called on to help. In fact, the navy was the main thrust of Canada’s war effort in the first two years of the conflict as German U-boats again made cutting off Allied shipping a top priority and the Allied navies had to find a way to protect the merchant vessels crossing the Atlantic Ocean so supplies could reach Europe.
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After working up in Bermuda, La Hulloise was assigned to convoy escort group EG 16 out of Halifax. In October 1944 she was reassigned to EG 25 which was based out of the United Kingdom working from Derry and Rosyth. To counter snorkel-equipped U-boats in British coastal waters beginning in mid-December 1944, escort groups began to operate in overlapping patrols. Escort Group 25 comprising Orkney as Senior Officer's Ship, La Hulloise, Ste. Therese andThetford Mines and Joliette were sent to patrol in the Shetland-Faroes narrows, off Hebrides, in the Irish Sea west of Ireland and in St. George's Channel. On 7 March 1945, La Hulloise took part alongside Strathadam and Thetford Mines, in the sinking of U-1302 in St George's Channel. On 20 March 1945 U-1003 collided underwater with New Glasgow of EG 26. Strathadam, La Hulloise and Thetford Mines of EG 25 were added to the search for the sub, of which Thetford Mines found survivors of the U-boat which had been scuttled on 23 March.[10] In May 1945, La Hulloise departed the UK for a tropicalization refit at Saint John, which was completed 19 October 1945. However the war had ended and she was paid off on 6 December 1945 and placed in reserve.

Battle Honours
Atlantic 1945 * North Sea 1945
AB Simpson DSM Thomas Joseph
Rank: Able Seaman
Service Number: V46636
Born: Nov 06, 1921 Windsor, Ontario
Region: Windsor and Area
Discharged: September 24, 1945

Served In: World War 2
Service: RCN (Royal Canadian Navy)
General Service General Service Badge WW2
Awarded to members of the Navy, Army or Air Forces of Canada who have declared their willingness, or who have engaged to serve in any of the said forces on active service during the Second World War.
Service Details :
HMCS SHAWINIGAN (K136), HMCS TORONTO (K538), HMCS LA HULLOISE (K668) Thomas Simpson was one of only 116 people to receive the Distinguished Service Medal in Canadian military history. Simpson was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for gallantry, bravery, resolution and skill during battle at sea whilst serving on HMCS LA HULLOISE during successful anti U-Boat Warfare that resulted in the sinking of German submarine U-1302.
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Distinguished Service Medal
The medal is awarded to Chief Petty Officers, Petty Officers and men of the navy (or army and air force personnel of equal rank serving with the fleet) who show themselves to the fore in action, and set an example of bravery and resource under fire, but without performing acts of such pre-eminent bravery as would render them eligible to receive the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.
1939-45 Star
The Star was awarded for six months service on active operations for Army and Navy, and two months for active air-crew between 02 September 1939 and 08 May 1945 (Europe) or 02 September 1945 (Pacific).
Italy Star
The star was awarded for one day operational service in Sicily or Italy between 11 June 1943 and 08 May 1945.
France And Germany Star
The Star was awarded for one day or more of service in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany between 06 June 1944 (D-Day) and 08 May 1945.
Defence Medal
Although the medal was usually awarded to Canadians for six months service in Britain between 03 September 1939 and 08 May 1945, the exact terms were: Service in the forces in non-operational areas subjected to air attack or closely threatened, providing such service lasted for three or more years. Service overseas or outside the country of residence, providing that such service lasted for one year, except in territories threatened by the enemy or subject to bomb attacks, in which case it was six months prior to 02 September 1945. Under the terms of this last condition, Canadians serving for one year in Newfoundland were eligible and persons serving for six months in Hong Kong were also eligible. The qualifying period in mine and bomb disposal was three months. Canadians serving in West Africa, Palestine and India, other than operational air crew, qualified for this medal. Those awarded the GC or GM for civil defence received this medal. Home Guard and others in Britain qualified for this medal.
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal is granted to persons of any rank in the Naval, Military or Air Forces of Canada who voluntarily served on Active Service and have honourably completed eighteen months (540 days) total voluntary service from September 3, 1939 to March 1, 1947.
War Medal (1939-45)
The War Medal was awarded to all full-time personnel of the armed forces and merchant marines for serving for 28 days between 03 September 1939 and 02 September 1945. In the Merchant Navy, the 28 days must have been served at sea.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
Created in 2012 to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, this commemorative medal served to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

Service Notes: Able Seaman Simpson would serve in several different theaters of the Battle of the Atlantic.

During the Battle of the St. Lawrence, he took part in escort operations and coastal defense operations from Halifax to Newfoundland to New York.

During the longest battle of the Second World War; the Battle of the Atlantic, he participated in the escort groups that took ONS, ON and HX North Atlantic convoys mostly originating from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Sydney, Nova Scotia across the Atlantic to Londonderry and Liverpool.

In the Arctic Campaign, he participated in convoys sometimes called the ‘Great Northern Patrol’ where convoys passed both through the Denmark Straits or south of Iceland to as far as the Arctic Circle where convoys were handled over to the Russian Navy. Protection of these convoys during the Battle of the Atlantic was vital to winning the war.

During the Italian Campaign, he took part in KMF Mediterranean–United Kingdom convoys and MKS Gibraltar-United Kingdom convoys that transported British and Canadian troop convoys for military operations in Italy and Sicily from England and Gibraltar.

During the British Isles Inshore Campaign of 1944-1945 he participated in missions and operations in which he performed his duties with outstanding skill and seamanship that would set a new standard at the time with his wholehearted devotion to duty, worthy of the high traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Navy.
Enlisted: August 26, 1942 Esquimalt, B.C and Halifax, Nova Scotia
Pre/Post War: Post-war: Canada Customs and Immigration Officer, 1964-1987

Deceased: January 28, 2017 at Canada
Cemetery WINDSOR (VICTORIA) Memorial Park Ontario, Canada
Obituary: After serving in the war, Simpson spent more than 30 years as a television technician and worked as a border control guard.
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Additional research by: Ronald Simpson

AB Thomas Joseph Simpson DSM
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Medals and Commendations
(In Order):

Distinguished Service Medal
1939-45 Star
Italy Star
France And Germany Star
Defence Medal
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
War Medal (1939-45)

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Thomas Simpson at HMCS York in Toronto after the commissioning ceremony of the HMCS Toronto on July 29, 1993. Thomas Simpson was on the original HMCS Toronto in 1944.
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Thomas J. Simpson receiving the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) from Field Marshal the Right Honourable Harold Alexander, the Earl Alexander of Tunis. Harold Alexander was the 17th Governor General of Canada.
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Thomas Simpson and his friends.
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