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WRCNS WRCNS (Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service)
Wren Daggett Mae Lydia
Rank: Wren
Service Number:
Born: Sep 21, 1925 Garson, Ontario
Discharged: 1946

Served In: World War 2
Service: WRCNS (Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service)
Service Details :
She was posted to the East Coast of Canada.

War Medal (1939-45)
The War Medal was awarded to all full-time personnel of the armed forces and merchant marines for serving for 28 days between 03 September 1939 and 02 September 1945. In the Merchant Navy, the 28 days must have been served at sea.

Service Notes:
Pre/Post War: Most of her civilian career was spent in the nursing profession in both Canada and the United States. Mae was a lifetime member of the Royal Canadian Legion and a dedicated member of the Lions Club.

Deceased: March 20, 2016 at
Cemetery *Grave Location Unknown* ,
Obituary: Mae is survived by her four children: Three daughters, Hilda Valencia (California), Carol (Miles) Goetzie (Alberta), and Karen (Dave) Stubbington (Manitoba) and one son, David (Elaine) Blanchard (Manitoba).
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Wren Mae Lydia Daggett
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War Medal (1939-45)

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