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Canadian Forces CF (Canadian Forces)

The Canadian Forces have derived many of their traditions and symbols from the military, navy and air force of the United Kingdom, including those with royal elements. Contemporary icons and rituals, however, have evolved to include elements reflective of Canada and the Canadian monarchy.
United Nations Command (UNC) United Nations Command (UNC)

Peacekeepers monitor and observe peace processes in post-conflict areas and assist ex-combatants in implementing the peace agreements they may have signed. Such assistance comes in many forms, including confidence-building measures, power-sharing arrangements, electoral support, strengthening the rule of law, and economic and social development. Accordingly, UN peacekeepers (often referred to as Blue Berets or Blue Helmets because of their light blue berets or helmets) can include soldiers, police officers, and civilian personnel.
The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada

Second World War

Three platoons took part on the raid on Dieppe on 19 August 1942. On 6 July 1944, the battalion landed in France as part of the 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, and it continued to fight in North West Europe until the end of the war. The overseas battalion was disbanded on 30 November 1945.

The 1st Battalion suffered more casualties than any other Canadian infantry battalion in Northwest Europe. Disaster seemed to follow the unit;
On the voyage to France on the day of the Dieppe Raid, casualties were suffered by the unit during a grenade priming accident onboard their ship, the HMS Duke of Wellington.
During the Battle of Verrières Ridge on July 25, 1944, 325 men left the start line and only 15 made it back to friendly lines, the others being killed or wounded by well entrenched Waffen SS soldiers and tanks.
On 13 October 1944 - known as Black Friday by the Black Watch - the regiment put in an assault near Hoogerheide during the Battle of the Scheldt in which all four company commanders were killed, and one company of 90 men was reduced to just four survivors.

Post-Second World War

On 4 May 1951, the regiment mobilized two temporary Active Force companies designated, "E" and "F" Companies. "E" Company was reduced to nil strength upon its personnel being incorporated into the 1st Canadian Highland Battalion for service in Germany with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It was disbanded on 29 July 1953. "F" Company was initially used as a replacement pool for "E" Company. On 15 May 1952, it was reduced to nil strength, upon its personnel being absorbed by the 2nd Canadian Highland Battalion for service in Korea with the United Nations. "F" Company was disbanded on 29 July 1953. The 1st Canadian Highland Battalion originated in Valcartier, Quebec on 4 May 1951. On 16 October 1953, it was redesignated the 1st Battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada.
The 2nd Battalion served on NATO duty in West Germany from 1962 to 1965. Several members of the Regiment served on operations in Afghanistan.

Battle Honours
The Second World War

BOURGUÉBUS RIDGE * Faubourg de Vaucelles * Verrières Ridge–Tilly-la-Campagne * FALAISE * Clair Tizon * Forêt de la Londe * Dunkirk, 1944 * Antwerp–Turnhout Canal * THE SCHELDT * Woensdrecht * South Beveland * Walcheren Causeway * THE RHINELAND * The Hochwald * Xanten * THE RHINE * Groningen * Oldenburg * NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944–1945

War in Afghanistan


Pte Lerue John Alexander
Rank: Private Pte
Service Number: R89722238
Born: Feb 14, 1950 L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia
Discharged: Killed In Action

Served In: Peacekeeping
Service: CF (Canadian Forces)
Battle Group: United Nations Command (UNC)
Regiment: The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
Dag Hammarskjöld Dag Hammarskjöld
The Dag Hammarskjöld Medal is a posthumous award given by the United Nations (UN) to military personnel, police, or civilians who lose their lives while serving in a United Nations peacekeeping operation. The medal is named after Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, who died in a plane crash in what is now Zambia in September 1961.
Service Details :
He died from injuries received during an accidental fall.

Canadian Peace Keeping Service Medal (CPSM)
The prestigious Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to all United Nations Peacekeepers in 1988 in recognition of their collective efforts in the cause of peace. This inspired the creation of the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM) to acknowledge the unique contribution to peace that Canadian peacekeepers have made since 1947.
UN Forces in Cyprus (UNIFICYP)
In the interest of international peace and security, the Mission was established in March 1964 to use its best efforts to prevent the recurrence of fighting between the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and, as necessary, to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and a return to normal conditions. Since the hostilities of 1974, the mandate has included supervising the cease-fire and maintaining a buffer zone between the lines of the Cyprus National Guard and of the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot forces.
Awarded for 30 days service between 27 March 1964 and 27 March 1965, but 90 days consecutive service is required after 27 March 1965 to the present.

Service Notes: There are graves for nine Canadians who served with the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) and who died between 1964 and 1970. Canada ended its 29-year-old commitment to the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) in 1993.
Enlisted: August 8, 1967 Sydney, Nova Scotia
Pre/Post War:

Deceased: February 09, 1970 at Cyprus
Cemetery DHEKELIA GARRISON British Military Cemetery Larnaca, Cyprus
Marker: Plot 3, Row A, Grave 24
Obituary: Son of Charles William and Mary Eleanor Lerue of L'Ardoise, Richmond County, Nova Scotia. Brother of Mary M., Charles F., Wayne J. and Howard J. Lerue.
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Pte John Alexander Lerue
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Canadian Peace Keeping Service Medal (CPSM)
UN Forces in Cyprus (UNIFICYP)

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